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gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition


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gPanel's centralized user management and security interface provides administrators with visibility and control over all their Google Workspace users' data and settings. Starter includes basic access to features such as granular user visibility, delegation, employee change management, document administration, bulk operations, and reporting tools. The gPanel platform is on a secure and intuitive web console. Price is per user per year.


If you are interested in purchasing gPanel, please contact salessupport@promevo.com or call (888)-380-1061. 


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gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition
gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition

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    Secure. Administer. Protect.

    gPanel's centralized user management interface provides administrators with visibility and control over all their users' data and settings. It delivers peace of mind with its robust suite of security features. 

    Discover how gPanel can help you:

    Centralized User Management

    • Intuitive one page interface

    • Add, delete, suspend users

    • Configure Gmail settings for end users including: account delegation, imap settings, vacation responders, and more

    Group Administration

    • Add, create, and delete groups

    • Add, create, delete, and configure group settings as well as manage membership


    • Weekly or monthly scheduled configuration policies

    • Scheduled policies and new user policies?

    Bulk Operations

    • Add employees to a new organizational group

    • Mass updates to user profiles, group settings, shared contacts and more...

    • Mass administration rolls become simplified

    Document Administration

    • Grants administrators full rights over any document within the domain

    • Ability to edit sharing and transfer ownership

    • Full visibility of user’s Drive hierarchy

    • Full text searching within a user’s Drive, goes beyond title searching


    • Schedule or manually run

    • Select users based on individual users, organizations, groups, domains, gPanel roles, and log in activity

    • Run reports for documents, groups, account activity and much more...

    Granular Visibility & Control

    • Provides centralized visibility into user accounts needed for any organization to operate smoothly, enable control of docs, groups, sites, email settings, and more...

    • Roles allow admins to specify what action can be taken in gPanel, what user those actions can be taken on, with the user of custom roles and limited user visibility

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