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gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition


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gPanel's centralized user management and security interface provides administrators with visibility and control over all their Google Workspace users' data and settings. Starter includes basic access to features such as granular user visibility, delegation, employee change management, document administration, bulk operations, and reporting tools. The gPanel platform is on a secure and intuitive web console.

Price is charged at an annual rate per user.

If you are interested in purchasing gPanel, please contact salessupport@promevo.com or call (888)-380-1061. 


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gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition
gPanel Domain Management- Starter Edition

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    Secure. Administer. Protect.

    gPanel's centralized user management interface provides administrators with visibility and control over all their users' data and settings. It delivers peace of mind with its robust suite of security features. 

    Discover how gPanel can help you:

    Centralized User Management

    • Full domain listing of all users with a search function
    • Create or delete users
    • Add or delete users from groups
    • View, edit, or delete a user’s personal contacts and contact groups
    • Update user profile information that automatically syncs with Google contacts fields
    • Add individual or bulk contacts for a customized contact directory that is immediately accessible
    • View, edit, add or remove email aliases
    • Single and multi-user force password reset
    • Edit Gmail forwarding rules
    • Edit Gmail signatures
    • Create custom signature templates
    • Add, move, and delete organizational units, as well as bulk move users from one organizational unit to another
    • Create, view, edit, and delete all calendar events on any domain owned calendar
    • Create, view and edit site name, description, and theme, as well as edit of user access to all domain owned sites
    • View email, drive, and total storage for each user
    • View, create, edit, and delete Gmail labels for each user
    • Gmail delegation and viewability of delegate assignments by admins


    • Create custom user or admin roles with specific gPanel permissions for each role; may also delete such accesses
    • Edit a user’s gPanel or admin console role under the user’s basic information
    • Delegate individual user permissions
    • Limited user visibility that, when activated, role permissions can be restricted to specific user accounts and / or exclude specific user accounts

    Bulk Operations

    • All resources in bulk operations will be limited to 50
    • Availability of tasks that can be performed in bulk across a group, OU, or your whole organization
    • Upload users in bulk by uploading from a spreadsheet
    • Add nested groups

    Document Administration

    • Choose who has access to which documents and what permissions they have for those documents
    • Edit the ownership of any document in your domain
    • Transfer ownership of a user’s drive to another user within the domain
    • Delete or rename existing documents
    • Manage who will have view/edit permissions on any document
    • Drive sweep tool to add files to a shared drive and automatically give ownership to the group manager
    • Ability to add or delete a folder to a user’s drive 

    Employee Change Management

    • Export an exact copy of a user’s Gmail account into an mbox format
    • Bi-directional contact sync
    • Manage all enrolled mobile devices with ability to view device details and status
    • Approve, block, delete or remote wipe devices
    • Approve devices, block device access, delete and remote wipe mobile devices

    Granular Visibility & Control

    • Monitor all emails/chats on that user’s account without the end user’s knowledge
    • Create and save reports that can later be run
    • Ability to manually run existing reports at any time
    • Logs any user changes that take place in gPanel, when they take place, and who performed that action (logs limited to 90 days)
    • Logs any calendar transfers that take place including who initiated, when and status (logs limited to 90 days)
    • Logs any drive transfers that take place including who initiated, when and status (logs limited to 90 days) 

    Group Administration

    • Mass group updates
    • Add, edit, and delete email groups without the need to utilize Google’s Admin Console
    • Edit advanced business groups 


    • Access to top 12 reports
    • Schedule or manually run
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