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Contact Information

Please note that Promevo’s business hours are 8 AM–5 PM EST Monday–Friday.



Burlington KY Office
1720 Wildcat Blvd. Suite 200
Burlington, KY 41005

Louisville KY Office
808 Lyndon Ln
Louisville, KY 40222



Order Management

If you have questions about the status or processing of your order.

Phone: 888-380-1061 option 1

Email: omsupport@promevo.com


Technical Support

If you are experiencing issues or roadblocks with any products or software purchased from Promevo.

Phone: 888-380-1061 option 4

Email: support@promevo.com


Education & Chrome Hardware Sales

If you need to purchase or have questions about Chrome hardware or Education related items. 

Phone: 888-380-1061 option 2

Email: edusalessupport@promevo.com



If you have questions about billing or need to update your billing information.

Phone: 888-380-1061 option 5

Email: billingsupport@promevo.com


Google Workspace & gPanel Sales

If you need to purchase or have questions about Google Workspace or gPanel related items.

Phone: 888-380-1061 option 3

Email: softwaresales@promevo.com



If you have questions about renewing your licenses or need to renew licenses. 

Phone: 888-380-1061 ext. 305

Email: renewalsupport@promevo.com






Promevo is one of the largest Premier Google Workspace and Chromebook Resellers in North America, focusing solely on our customers' Google lives.

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